Our principles

These principles guide how we work


Statement One  – Our vision for an Accountable Care System/Organisation (ACS/O) is based on creating an actual organisation rather than a virtual organisation.

Statement Two  – We expect our ACS/O to be responsible for the provision (or commissioning) of all ‘Out of Hospital’ services in North Staffordshire.

Statement Three  – We plan for our ACS/O to be fully integrated with third sector and other local service providers.

Statement Four  – We will organise services around our ACS/O Hub Localities based on a Primary Care Home type model of service delivery.

Statement Five  – We will focus on prevention, self-care and patient and public empowerment.

Statement Six  – We will be driven by the needs of the individuals and communities we serve.

Statement Seven  – Our immediate focus will be on bringing services together and working collaboratively rather than on short-term organisational change.

Statement Eight  – We will create an ACS/O management infrastructure derived from the various organisations that will be working together to create the ACS/O.

Statement Nine  – We will share our plans widely and work in an open and transparent way.

Statement Ten  – We expect our ACS/O to work together with Health and Social Care organisations to develop a North Staffordshire-wide Accountable Care Organisation as the next phase of the work.

The above statements fit neatly into four categories:

Organisational Form : the future might well be as a new legal entity but progress will be achieved pragmatically via a shared team.

Model of Care :  the ACS/O will integrate all providers of out of hospital services, irrespective of sector and will function at a planning and delivery level that will enable response to local need.

Public Involvement :  the model of care will be aimed at and shaped by the people who will use it and will be implemented not imposed.

Service Scope : the ACS/O will focus first on service delivery but has the opportunity to expand into a broader commissioning role.